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Continuous Player WordPress Theme

Continuous Player WordPress Theme $47
Reviews: 1 - Avg. Rating: 4.3 - 2013-12-11
  • Continuous Music while Browsing
  • Compatible with Popular Music Players
  • Allows Users to Hear Longer Audio Files

Aloha Themes. It was specially designed to allow for uninterrupted music or video on every page. Visitors select their preferred track and browse the website while the music plays. This theme is the perfect solution for night clubs, musicians, and DJs to promote their business and music. The theme is compatible with most of the popular music players. For only $47, this WordPress theme is an awesome deal!

Continuous Player WordPress Theme Compatibility

Music Player CompatibilityWith the continuous player WordPress theme you don’t need to worry about installing a bunch of plugins to get your music online. Simply use your favorite music site to build your playlist (ReverbNation, Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) and embed the playlist into the site. Adding playlists is easy from the WordPress theme options panel.

The Importance of Music on your Website

If you are an individual or a business whose purpose centers around music, it’s important that your website reflects that. Adding music to your website, in a way that is easy to use and meaningful for your visitors, is important. That’s why the continuous player WordPress theme was designed. It takes away the difficulty with adding music and integrates it in a way that allows visitors to hear uninterrupted music while they browse your site for more information. Let them hear your music while they look up concert dates, upcoming events, album releases, or browse memorabilia. Having the additional accompaniment of music has been shown to increase enthusiasm and emotional connection with customers.

Easy to Manage Playlists

Music PlaylistsOften times WordPress audio and music players force you to choose one song or audio file to play. With the continuous player WordPress theme you can add stylish playlists


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