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Foodie WordPress Theme for Food

Foodie WordPress Theme for Food $79
Reviews: 2 - Avg. Rating: 4.5 - 2012-12-18
  • Recipe Creation Tools
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Foodie is a premium WordPress theme for food by Mint Themes. The clean, but elegant layout helps you highlight top quality images of food while providing ample space for discussion text and/or recipe instructions.

Easy to Use Recipe Creation Tools

Foodie WordPress Theme for FoodFoodie provides more than a format for talking about food. The recipe tools built-in to this WordPress theme for food make it simple to publish easy to follow recipes right on the blog. No knowledge of HTML formatting or third-party plugins are necessary to create clear & clean recipe posts. Publishing a recipe to your food blog can be done in minutes! This is a perfect solution for sharing your recipes with the world and building a following on your own food blog, rather than a huge commercial website where your posts will be drowned by the millions of other recipes.

Quickly list the recipes ingredients and their proportions. Directions for completing the recipe are highlighted in stylish numbered bullet list items. You can also provide a rough estimate on how much the dish will cost to make for the listed servings.

WordPress Theme for Food with Video Recipes

Foodie WordPress Food ThemeTake your food blog to the next level with video recipes. Do you like to cook and not just talk about food? Record your own videos at home and post them to your food blog in minutes! The internet is moving towards video content as the standard. With Foodie you will be ahead of the curve!

The Foodie WordPress theme for food has a built-in video player option that allows you to quickly insert a video from your favorite video website, such as Vimeo or YouTube. Simply supply the embed code for the video in your post and the video is automatically embedded as the featured item. Transform your food blog into a cooking show over night!

Rate and Comment

Foodie WordPress Theme for FoodEveryone wants to know what everyone else thinks about something, especially food. With the rate and comment capabilities of the Foodie WordPress theme for food, users can rate the post or recipe and leave a comment at the same time. Ratings are handled in a 1-5 star format. The average rating for the post is displayed next to your personal rating to give you an idea of what the community thinks and how your rating measures up!


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  1. This template is on my top for food templates.

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