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Fundify Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

Fundify Crowdfunding WordPress Theme $60
Reviews: 1 - Avg. Rating: 5 - 2013-06-05
  • Simple Campaign Management
  • Responsive Design
  • Payment and Digital Download Integration

Fundify is a high quality crowdfunding WordPress theme available at ThemeForest. Crowdfunding websites like KickStarter have become a very popular way for people to fund their projects. People who are inspired and want to see your project succeed can contribute to your campaign. Now you can create a crowdfunding website without having to pay the fees of a 3rd party company like KickStarter. With simple campaign management, responsive theme design, and payment and digital download integration, the Fundify crowdfunding WordPress theme has all the tools you need to create a crowdfunding website. For only $60, Fundify is a professional and affordable way to create your own crowdfunding site.

Simple Campaign Management

Fundify WordPress ThemeRaising money for projects, charities, or things you love has never been easier than with the Fundify crowdfunding WordPress theme. Quickly create a campaign by setting the goal amount, target date, and a description that will inspire people to contribute. Create backer rewards, such as prizes and perks for people who contribute to your campaign. Decide between a fixed or flexible campaign. Fixed campaigns only collect money if the target goal was met. Flexible campaigns take contributions no matter what amount was donated.

Responsive Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Crowdfunding ThemeWith a growing number of people accessing online applications with a mobile device, you need to be sure that your WordPress website can handle mobile visitors. Fundify is a fully responsive crowdfunding WordPress theme. By using CSS media queries, Fundify detects each visitor’s screen size and automatically adjusts the theme’s styles to fit the device. No more hassle with 3rd party plugins or WordPress theme switchers. With Fundify you get the power of crowdfunding and mobile access in one professional package.

Payment and Digital Download Integration

Wordpress Crowdfunding ThemeWhat good is a crowdfunding website if you can’t securely collect payments and deliver digital files? The Fundify crowdfunding WordPress theme seamlessly integrates with the PayPal Adaptive Payments Gateway plugin to ensure safe and secure financial transactions. To manage the automatic delivery of digital files, Fundify is fully integrated with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. This integration takes the work out of developing unique tools for secure payment processing and digital file delivery. Get your crowdfunding WordPress site up and running in no time!


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