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GetFit WordPress Fitness Theme

GetFit WordPress Fitness Theme $45
Reviews: 1 - Avg. Rating: 4.6 - 2013-12-20
  • Responsive Theme Design
  • Professional Pricing Tables
  • Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Colors

The GetFit WordPress fitness theme developed by ThemeForest is the ideal website solution for yoga instructors, gyms, or other fitness professionals. The clean design and impressive technical features make this theme stand out from the others. A responsive theme design ensures that website visitors on a mobile device have a great browsing experience. The professional pricing tables and other built-in page design elements make creating unique and professional page content a breeze.

Responsive WordPress Fitness Theme

GetFit Responsive WordPress ThemeIt’s extremely important that your website is accessible to mobile users. Every day more people are browsing the internet on their phone or tablet. The GetFit WordPress fitness theme takes all the work out of creating mobile friendly websites. With the power of CSS media queries GetFit detects each user’s screen size and automatically adjusts the theme layout to fit the screen. Columns collapse, images and videos resize, and menus compact. There is no need to install mobile theme plugins or manage a separate mobile site. Everything happens automagically!

The GetFit theme is also touch and swipe enabled. Meaning, your visitors can navigate from page to page by swiping their phone or tablet rather than clicking small links or buttons on the page.

Professional Pricing Tables

GetFit WordPress Fitness Theme - Pricing TablesOne of the most common pieces of information potential customers seek are prices. The GetFit WordPress fitness theme helps you display your prices in a professional and informative way. One problem many businesses face is providing pricing information without sounding too desperate. GetFit helps you identify the benefits of your product packages and build support for the price you’re asking!

Video Tutorials for Site Owner

GetFit WordPress Theme - Video TutorialsThe GetFit WordPress fitness theme is extremely easy to install and manage. If you are still having trouble, their are a series of video tutorials that help you understand how to make changes to your site. This is a great option for those website owners who don’t have much technical experience and don’t want to pay for a designer to install the theme or make minor adjustments to the site once it’s installed.

Unlimited Color Choices

GetFit Fitness WordPress Theme - Unlimited ColorsColor is one of the main design choices site owners have to make. GetFit’s built-in tools to change color schemes allows you to quickly and seamlessly change colors across your entire site. No need to make changes to multiple CSS files or hire a graphic designer. Everything can be done from within the admin panel of the GetFit WordPress fitness theme.


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