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WordPress Natural Theme by Organic Themes

WordPress Natural Theme by Organic Themes $69
Reviews: 1 - Avg. Rating: 4.5 - 2013-01-31
  • Elegant Portfolio Pages
  • Slider with Video Integration
  • Page Templates

The WordPress natural theme by Organic Themes is great for spas, massage services, health-related websites & blogs, or businesses that want a a clean and stylish website solution. Capture your audience immediately on the front page with a featured slider that is fully compatible with the most popular video services. Built-in page templates allow you to quickly create fabulous page designs without any extra work, styling, or software. Share your work with clients and potential customers in an easy to manage online portfolio. Keep readers focused with a full width page layout option that gets rid of all the distractions found on sidebars and other widget areas. Many other businesses have found the WordPress natural theme to be the perfect solution for their website. For only $69, this deal can’t be beat!

Featured Slider with Video Integration

Natural WordPress ThemeOne of the most impressive features of the WordPress natural theme is the featured slider. Like many premium WordPress themes, this theme utilizes a featured slider on the home page to highlight important or featured content. What sets apart the slider here, is the ability to easily integrate videos into your slideshow. By simply cutting and pasting the embed code of videos from your favorite video service, such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can add video slides right on your home page. Video is taking over the internet and this featured slider with video integration gives you the edge your business needs!

Page Templates

Wordpress Natural Theme Page TemplatesThe WordPress natural theme by Organic Themes utilizes built-in page templates that allow you to create dynamic page layouts with one click. Before page templates, unique page designs had to be created manually using the WordPress editor (which is extremely limited) or an HTML editor (such as Dreamweaver). Now you can simply create a regular WordPress page and select the desired template in the “Page Attributes” section of the page editor. A unique and eye-catching page design is automatically implemented. Page templates take all the hard work out of creating brilliant and elegant page layouts that include archives, blog pages, full width pages, and portfolio pages.

WordPress Natural Theme Portfolio Page

Wordpress Natural ThemeIf you have the need to share your work or projects online, the WordPress natural theme can do the job! Utilize the elegant portfolio page to share your artwork, photographs, or other projects online. Each portfolio item includes a perfectly cropped image or video thumbnail, title, and short excerpt. Portfolio pages utilize the masonry framework, similar to what you see on Pinterest or Automotohub.com.

Full Width Page Layout Option

Wordpress Natural ThemeDo you have some content that you need your visitors to really focus on? Get rid of all the distractions, usually found in the sidebars, with a full width page layout. This is a great solution for company “About Us” pages, privacy policy, terms of service, and other pages that require complete reader attention. Optionally, you can head the full width page layout with a stunning image that defines and represents the content below. Either way, this is one way to make a statement and say, “Hey, this content is serious!”

Sites that Use the WordPress Natural Theme

Wordpress Natural ThemeEspacio Harley Davidson – Barcelona

Espacio Harley Davidson is a Harley Davidson vendor located in Barcelona, Spain. They have utilized the WordPress Natural Theme by Organic Themes to build out a professional and stylish business website. They use the featured slider on the home page to highlight specials, product information, and news stories.


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