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Responsive Music and DJ WordPress Theme – MusicPlay

Responsive Music and DJ WordPress Theme – MusicPlay $48
Reviews: 1 - Avg. Rating: 4.6 - 2014-08-21
  • Sticky Full Width Audio Player
  • Unlimited Colors and Layout
  • Individual DJ Mixes
  • Ultra Responsive Design

MusicPlay is the ultimate responsive music and DJ WordPress theme.  Designed by elite author AivahThemes, this premium WordPress theme is only available at ThemeForest.  This product has more than 500+ sales and a stellar 4.5 star review rating by customers.  The full width sticky audio player allows visitors to listen to your music while they browse the website.  Control the playlist with individual DJ mixes and custom compilations.  The ultra responsive design ensures your website looks perfect on all mobile devices.  Take full control over the look and feel of your website with unlimited color and layout options.  For only $48 the MusicPlay responsive music and DJ WordPress theme is an affordable and professional solution for DJs, musicians, night clubs and others who need a high quality music-centric website.

Easy to Use Admin Interface

MusicPlay Music WordPress Theme - Admin PanelMusicPlay comes with an admin section that allows you to control all the important aspects of your website.  You don’t need to be a web designer, programmer or have technical skills to make changes to your website.  The power of WordPress and the MusicPlay music and DJ WordPress theme come together to give you point and click control over your entire website.

From the theme options panel you can upload your logo, change audio player settings, set colors and fonts, edit the home page slider, and more.  If you can write an email, you can create and operate your own WordPress website with MusicPlay.  The first step is to check out a live demo and see for yourself the quality and power of the MusicPlay music and DJ WordPress theme.

Full Width Sticky Audio Player

What good is a music and DJ WordPress theme without a high quality audio player?  The “sticky” full width audio player is permanently attached to the bottom of the screen.  This allows your visitors to browse your website and move across pages without an interruption in the music.  Tracks don’t pause or start over just because the user changes pages.  Alternatively users have the option to popout the player into its own window.  The basic audio player controls are available, including play, pause, next or previous track, shuffle and view playlist.  They can also jump to specific parts of a song and adjust volume.

Individual DJ Mixes

MusicPlay WordPress Theme - Individual DJ MixesOne of the neatest features of the MusicPlay music and DJ WordPress theme audio player is the ability for you as the site owner to create individual mixes.  This is perfect for DJs, bands, or other music professionals who want to share more than one song at a time.  Create more than one mix, attribute it to any author, and link to a download location.  This is perfect if you want to sell your music on Amazon or iTunes.

Ultra Responsive Music and DJ WordPress Theme

MusicPlay - Responsive music and DJ WordPress ThemeMany music and DJ WordPress themes weren’t designed for mobile devices.  MusicPlay has an ultra responsive design that ensures your website looks awesome on any mobile device.  So, whether your peeps are browsing on Android, iPhone, a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, your website will display perfectly.

CSS Media Queries

Using CSS media queries, MusicPlay detects the type of device your visitor is using, identifies their screen size, and automatically adjusts the theme layout to fit their device.  Menus collapse, video and image sizes reduce, and columns condense instantly!  No need to download additional mobile WordPress themes or other third-party plugins.  The MusicPlay music and DJ WordPress theme is a full solution for all mobile devices.

Unlimited Colors and Layout

MusicPlay Theme - StylesThe MusicPlay music and DJ WordPress theme comes with both a dark and light skin layout design.  Furthermore, you can quickly change colors and styles of nearly all design elements of your site right from your theme options panel.  Change background images, text colors, borders, and more with a simple click of the mouse.

MusicPlay also allows you to quickly change page and post layouts with ease.  Change the format of posts, how many columns you have in the footer area and more!

Awesome Front Page Slider

MusicPlay DJ Theme - Featured SliderCapture your audience and put your most important content up front with an elegant featured slider.  Quickly share upcoming events, featured blog posts, album release information and more with this slider.  Simply upload the photo you want to use, add a slide title and description and link it your content on your website.  The MusicPlay music and DJ WordPress theme slider allows you to quickly transport visitors from your home page to your most valuable content in seconds!



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