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Twang WordPress Country Music Theme

Twang WordPress Country Music Theme $47
Reviews: 1 - Avg. Rating: 4.2 - 2013-01-28
  • Upload Logo & Background
  • Wordpress Shortcodes
  • Audio Player

Twang is a WordPress country music theme that has been professionally designed. Aloha Themes has developed Twang with tons of advanced features, including a built-in audio player that is compatible with all the most popular streaming music services. Quickly and easily change your logo and background image with the theme options panel. Easily manage the look and feel of your posts with WordPress shortcodes. This WordPress theme is a great solution for a country music or any music related website.

Easy to Change Logo and Background

Twang WordPress Country Music ThemeThe theme options panel behind the Twang WordPress country music themes gives you the power to take control over the most important aspects of your site. One of the most basic necessities of any premium WordPress theme, is the ability to quickly change the logo and background images. The theme options panel makes adding a new background image and updating your logo simple. Just upload the image files, save the settings and wallah, a customized site design!

WordPress Country Music Theme with Audio Player

Country Music WordPress ThemeThe WordPress country music theme lets you quickly add music to your website with the built-in audio player. The audio player widget is optional and supports all the most popular streaming music services. Simply upload your music to your favorite music streaming service, such as ReverbNation, Playlist.com, or MixPod. Copy and paste the player embed code into the theme options panel and you’re done! The audio player and/or playlist automatically loads on your home page!

WordPress Shortcodes

Wordpress Country Music ThemeThis theme includes the Aloha Themes Shortcode Kid Plugin for FREE, an extra $37 value. WordPress shortcodes are small text snippets that help you add different types of dynamic content into your posts and pages. The Twang WordPress country music theme comes built with various different shortcodes, including:

  • Buttons
  • Column text layouts
  • Image sliders
  • Notification boxes
  • Text tooltips
  • Tabbed content
  • and more!

Shortcodes make designing professional and visually stunning pages fast and easy. No need for extra plugins, expensive web design help or special design knowledge. Add high quality content and design elements to your site yourself!


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