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WordPress Car Dealer Theme

WordPress Car Dealer Theme $39.95
Reviews: 2 - Avg. Rating: 4.9 - 2013-04-25
  • Filtered Searching
  • Image Galleries
  • Inventory Tools
  • Craigslist & Carfax Integration

The WordPress Car Dealer Theme by Gorilla Themes is a fully developed theme for car dealerships. Car dealers will have full control over their inventory on the back-end and can provide a friendly and easy to navigate experience to customers on the front end. With control over all vehicle details and specifications, stunning image galleries and Craigslist integration, this WordPress theme is nothing less than fabulous!

Responsive Design

In the latest updates to he Car Dealer WordPress theme, mobile users received much more attention. Car Dealer now provides a simple and easy to navigate responsive framework. This makes it easy for visitors on smart phones or tablets to navigate your website. Car details, specifications, image gallery, and videos are presented in an accordion style layout.

Wordpress Car Dealer Theme

CSS Media Queries

Using the power of CSS media queries, the Car Dealer WordPress theme detects each visitor’s screen size and automatically adjusts the theme styles to fit the screen. Images and videos resize, menus collapse, and columns are reformatted. Check out the demo on your mobile device.

Easy to Manage Image Galleries

Wordpress Car Sales ThemeOf course the most important part of purchasing a car is the test drive. But don’t forget, humans shop first with their eyes, second with their mind. Before someone chooses a car to buy, they are going to check out the vehicle body and the interior. They want to know if it fits their personality. That means you need a website that can deliver high quality images of the vehicles without being too cumbersome to manage and easy for the customer to view.

The WordPress Car Dealer theme makes quick work of compiling stunning image galleries for each vehicle. Simply upload the images (either one at a time or in a batch file), re-order the images to your preference and edit the image descriptions. The image gallery is already attached to the specific vehicles post and available immediately on the website for your visitors.

Lightbox Overlay

All images throughout the WordPress Car Dealer theme appear in a lightbox overlay. This means that the when the visitor click on an image thumbnail to see a larger version, they aren’t redirected to another page. The image opens up in another layer on top of the existing page and the background fades out to highlight the current image. When the user is done with that specific image, they can either use the navigational controls to scroll to the next image or close the lightbox overlay and continue browsing the page they were on.

WordPress Car Dealer Theme with Inventory Control

Wordpress Car Dealer ThemeManaging the vehicle inventory has never been easier. Right from the WordPress dashboard you can get a quick view of all your vehicles and their most important details, including:

  • Price
  • Make & Model
  • VIN number
  • Vehicle photo

Quickly find the vehicle you are looking for in the inventory and edit, preview or delete the listing with ease. This is perfect for quick fact checking or providing details over the phone to a potential buyer.

CARFAX Integration

CARFAX IntegrationWith the WordPress Car Dealer theme and CARFAX subscription, dealers can offer customers free CARFAX reports on the vehicles they sell. Adding CARFAX reports to vehicle listings is extremely easy. Simply enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and CARFAX ID. The Car Dealer theme will automatically pull the CARFAX information and include it in the listing for potential buyers. The CARFAX banner appears for vehicles that contain a CARFAX report. This is a great tool for dealers to build confidence with their buyers!

Filtered Vehicle Search

When someone is shopping for a vehicle, they usually have strict criteria they need to stick to. The two main factors are the cost of the car and whether to buy used or new. With the built-in filtered search feature, users can find the vehicles they’re looking for, without having to comb through hundreds of cars.

Craigslist Integration

Car Dealer WordPress ThemeYou want to get the vehicles you have for sale in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Craigslist is one of the largest online markets for vehicle classifieds and their free. The WordPress Car Dealer theme makes posting ads to Craigslist a breeze.

Craigslist Code Generator

Based on the description provided for the vehicle, the WordPress Car Dealer theme will automatically generate the Craigslist-friendly HTML code for a beautifully formatted Craigslist classified ad. Simply copy and paste the pre-formatted code into the Craigslist ad description and your ad is ready to go, with images included! No more typing  or uploading photos ever again!

This feature is only available with the Premium and Deluxe package.


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  1. This theme is amazing. I never thought building a website for our dealership would be so easy. The admin panel is amazing and managing the image galleries is so intuitive. You CAN’T beat the price for all the features you get.

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