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WordPress Domain for Sale Theme $30
Reviews: 1 - Avg. Rating: 4.8 - 2014-02-05
  • Lead Generation Form
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • One-Click Setup
  • Responsive Design

Need to sell your domain name? This WordPress domain for sale theme quickly transforms any WordPress site into a application for selling your domain name. Generate spam-free leads and take offers from the home page. The simple and clean design helps focus the visitor on what they need to do: buy the domain. With Google Analytics integration you can easily share site traffic statistics with potential buyers. The mobile ready design ensures that your visitors get the information they need in a clear and stylish format, no matter what device their using. Creating your domain name for sale page is easy with the one-click setup. For only $30 this WordPress theme is an affordable and professional option for selling your domain name.

Lead Generation Form

Wordpress Domain Name for Sale Theme - Take OffersProbably the most important part of any domain name for sale theme is to make it easy for buyers to submit an offer. The simple submission form requires no special setup. When a visitor submits the form, the offer automatically appears in your inbox with the following information: name, email, and personal message. Simply provide the email address you would like the offers to go to and you’re done!

The form uses built-in spam protection to help fight off undesirable spam messages from bots and scripts.

Mobile Ready Domain for Sale Theme

Domain for Sale Demo on Mobile DeviceThe WordPress domain for sale theme looks great on any device. Whether the visitor is on a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone, you can be sure that your site looks good and works perfect. There is no special coding required to make your site mobile ready. The theme detects the type of device each user is browsing with and automatically adjusts the page layouts to fit!

Try the demo on your phone ->

Google Analytics Integration

Domain for Sale WordPress Theme - Google Analytics IntegrationOne of the best ways to sell your domain is to show how much traffic the site currently gets. Traffic means visitors and visitors equal potential. Not all domains have to show high levels of traffic to sell. Many domains are valuable in and of themselves. For instance, if lawyers.com became available, I might buy it no matter how much traffic it had.

Showing that the site currently has traffic is an added bonus. The Google Analytics integration quickly shows real time statistics about your website traffic. This is a great selling point.

One-Click Setup

Create your site with one click. You can begin selling your domain with the WordPress domain for sale theme immediately. There is no special coding necessary. The theme is simple, but very intuitive. Get your domain up for sale in a matter of minutes.


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