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WordPress Wedding Template

by TemplateMonster

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WordPress Wedding Template $75
Reviews: 1 - Avg. Rating: 4.3 - 2013-06-20
  • Wedding Photo Gallery
  • Professional Services Page
  • Responsive Template Design

This WordPress wedding template is perfect for wedding designers and wedding planner businesses that want to promote their work and portfolio online. This premium WordPress theme is available from TemplateMonster. Share photos of your wedding successes in easy to manage photo galleries. Ensure you site looks great on mobile devices with the responsive template design. Outline wedding planner services with a professional services page. For only $75 the WordPress wedding template is a professional and affordable solution for your wedding planner website.

Wedding Photo Gallery

Wedding Photo GalleryAs a wedding planner, you need a website that makes it easy to share photos of past wedding success. Your clients are going to want visual evidence of your capabilities and designs. If they aren’t convinced, they won’t call. The WordPress wedding template comes with easy to manage photo galleries.

Responsive WordPress Wedding Template

Responsive WordPress Wedding TemplateWedding designers and wedding planners need to have a website that always looks great. Whether you agree with it or not, the quality of your website reflects on your design sense. If you have visitors that are coming to your site on mobile devices, you need to be sure that it always looks great. That’s why this WordPress wedding template is the right choice.

Looks Perfect on Any Device

Using the power of CSS media queries, the WordPress wedding template detects the screen size of each visitor’s device and automatically adjusts the template layout to fit the screen. Now every visitor gets a beautiful version of your website no matter what kind of device they are on. Tablets, smart phones, and desktop displays are no match for the responsive template design! Check out the demo!

Detailed Services Page

Wedding Services PageAn important aspect of any business website is to help clients understand the services you offer. Quickly outline your wedding planner services on a clean and easy to navigate services page. Provide a quick services list and individual articles that give more detail on individual services. This is a great way to “wow” your clients with high quality photos of your services and detailing what you have to offer.


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